2004-10-13 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 263606 - Update notification broken (updates button always visible, always green, no tooltips) (since Oct 9).
  • Fixed: 253326 - Information bar (blocked popup, missing plugin, etc) should be closeable.
  • Fixed: 262758 - Live bookmarks leak memory/RDF resources.
  • Fixed: 252133 - New bookmark items get added to end of container, instead of next to selected item.
  • Fixed: 172962 - [Mac, Linux] Options for where to open URLs from other applications (reuse tab, new tab, new window), like on Windows.
  • Fixed: 88579 - [Windows] Bad default Traditional Chinese font.
  • Fixed: 250983 - "Close Window" (Ctrl+Shift+W) does not display confirm dialog when multiple tabs are open.
  • Fixed: 248817 - Pressing delete with nothing selected breaks delete in Bookmark Manager.
  • Fixed: 263549 - For non-custom installs, only install Talkback 20% of the time (randomly).
  • Fixed: 263928 - Add distribution ID to parameters sent to some search engines.
  • Fixed: 263394 - Live bookmark with bad tags crashes browser.
  • Fixed: 263680 - /FIXED:NO linker option increases executable size.
  • Fixed: 263263 - Potential security hole: Dialog box asks if I meant to load www.google.com. If I answer no, it loads anyway.
  • Fixed: 222799 - Options dialog assumes white background/black text colours.
  • Fixed: New Options icons.
  • Fixed: 263738 - Crash on print/print preview [@ nsTableRowFrame::InsertCellFrame].
  • Fixed: 257215 - [Linux] Unable to migrate from Opera.
  • Fixed: 250847 - [Linux] Problems with -install-global-extension.

If you use branch nightlies, you'll probably get update notifications for the data: security fix, even though that fix is included in the nightlies. To fix these bogus update notifications, go to about:config and change app.version from 0.10 to 0.10.1.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's, amano's with MNG and experimental patches

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, matlhDam's SSE with SVG

Mac builds: Official Mac, MMx2000's German, French, Italian and Czech

6 Responses to “2004-10-13 Branch builds”

  1. Jon Hicks Says:

    Single window mode in OS X! Ha! Christmas has come early for this sad geek! Whhoooppp!

  2. Manoj Mehta Says:

    Hey Jesse,

    Should someone re-open bug 263263 so that the issue posted by — Additional Comment #18 From Andrei Segal 2004-10-14 08:11 PDT [reply] — is addressed? I don’t have sufficient privileges but I’m sure the issue posed has direct ramifications for the user.

    – Manoj

  3. Adrian Yee Says:

    Anyone else notice that FAYT (Find As You Type) is broken in the 20041014 builds? When you search and then press enter on linked text it instead takes you to the next result instead of following the link.

    PS: The preview page is broken on here (the form action is wrong).

  4. DarthMDH Says:

    I expected pressing enter to take me to the next result, and was quite surprised it activated an anchor. Maybe somebody else was similarly surprised and registered a bug about it?


  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    If you activate FAYT by pressing Ctrl+F, the find bar is focused, and pressing Enter goes to the next result. If you activate FAYT by pressing / or ‘, the page is focused, and pressing Enter can follow a link.

  6. Adrian Yee Says:

    If that’s the case Jesse, then since the 20041014 builds, pressing / (but not ‘) to start FAYT sends focus to the find bar instead of keeping it on the page like pressing ‘ does. Anyone else confirm this?