2004-10-01 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 172962 - Options for where to open URLs from other applications (reuse tab, new tab, new window). So far, this is only fixed on Windows.
  • Fixed: 227241 - Open new windows only upon explicit instruction (Single Window Mode) (open new-window links in tabs instead). So far, this works for the target attribute but not for JavaScript window.open().
  • Fixed: 259993 - Mixed up favicons on Bookmarks, even with Firefox 1.0 Preview Release.
  • Fixed: 258692 - "Sort by name" should sort siblings, not children.
  • Fixed: 259708 - Security hole: A malicious hacker who could trick a user into saving a file could delete files from a user's download directory.
  • Fixed: 234416 - Security hole: Can spoof filename in "what should firefox do with this file" dialog.
  • Fixed: 257523 - Security hole: [GTK] Text fields give scripts access to the user's clipboard.
  • Fixed: 261613 - Popups displayed when viewing item properties in bookmark manager.
  • Fixed: 215929 - Window title shows [object HTMLImageElement] on page with <img name="title">.
  • Fixed: 246193 - IPV6: doesn't revert to IPv4 if IPv6 connect fails.
  • Fixed: 261840 - Download Manager should stay open after download completes (by default; UI pref is still there).
  • Fixed: 253911 - Live Bookmarks doesn't handle content inside CDATA blocks.
  • Fixed: 260308 - Live Bookmarks ignore entries without a title.
  • Fixed: 245088 (?) - Customize Toolbar sheet: Remove slide-out.
  • Fixed: Customize Toolbar sheet: Make the window not reposition badly near the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed: Customize Toolbar sheet: Esc, Enter should close.
  • Fixed: 245722 - Topcrash: On start after importing passwords.
  • Fixed: 207846 - Topcrash: [@ msvcrt.dll - nsStorageInputStream::Read].
  • Fixed: 251969 - Topcrash: [@ nsHttpChannel::OnStopRequest ].
  • Fixed: 257354 - Topcrash: Can make firefox crash while using form completion.
  • Since ~Sept 30: 262272 - Icon in location bar doesn't clear when visiting site without favicon.
  • Since Sept 15: 258767 - Shift+Delete to remove autocomplete results crashes Firefox.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, daihard's

Mac builds: Official Mac

5 Responses to “2004-10-01 Branch builds”

  1. Bernard Alleysson Says:

    I hope that it is clear that “bug 245722 – Topcrash: On start after importing passwords” is not fixed.

    Talkback data after the fix was checked in shows that people are still crashing when importing IE data.

  2. rodii Says:


  3. Craig Says:

    Since ~Sept 30: Fixed: 262272 – Icon in location bar doesn’t clear when visiting site without favicon.

    So is this fixed or still broken?

  4. Jeff Walden Says:

    Bug 172962 is at least partially fixed on Linux. Clicking links from within the Mozillazine forums opens them in new tabs with the pref set, at the very least. window.open() isn’t fixed yet, but I believe I remember some patches coming through to do that for Linux, so it shouldn’t be too long — I’d guess a week to get everything in, two weeks to make sure it works as it should.

  5. Jeff Walden Says:

    Incidentally, Jesse, who realized bug 259708 was a security bug? I remember reading it a few days ago when it wasn’t marked as one, and I’ll admit it’s not immediately obvious that it’s a security bug on inspection.