2004-09-16 Branch builds

Posting from my future flatmate's parents' house in San Diego.

  • Fixed: Part of 253046 - Add manual install button when no XPI is provided, also link to plugins page on update.mozilla.org.
  • Fixed: 259117 - Popup blocker for onunload does not work when closing a page.
  • Fixed: 259273 - Missing locale in user agent string.
  • Fixed: 255911 - [Linux] Native theme button cleanups for GTK2.
  • Fixed: 258667, 257219, 257211, 257209 - Various leaks.

Windows builds: No official Windows builds today (discussion), moox's, bangbang's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

8 Responses to “2004-09-16 Branch builds”

  1. Agagooga Says:

    Your dedication is admirable.

  2. Paul Gilbert Says:

    I am running Mac OSX 2.8 on iMac I really like Firefox (defalt browser). Will Rel.1 have Services support?

  3. Noa Says:

    “Fixed: 258667, 257219, 257211, 257209 – Various leaks. “

    Does this mean Firefox will consume noticeably less memory?

  4. David Stone Says:

    Welcome to San Diego. :) I hope you like it here. Maybe I just missed this, but why are you moving here?

  5. Simplex Says:


    For these fixes, memory was leaked when you:

    * opened a tab from the bookmarks toolbar folder
    * searched in the searchbar
    * ctrl+L or file -> open location

    So if you did any of these, firefox took memory and then never gave it back to the OS. It won’t make firefox’s footprint smaller, but it’ll make firefox’s footprint *over time* smaller.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I am moving to San Diego in order to start grad school at UCSD (computer science phd program). I’m probably going to research computational complexity or software security. Crypto is popular here so maybe I’ll get drawn into that.

  7. Agagooga Says:

    Does anyone know how many aviary checkins have not been backported to the trunk?

  8. Scott Says:

    Jesse, crypto is very interesting. Only had one crypto class as an undergrad and liked it very much.

    I’m happy to see David spending some time looking for leaks. Fixes for those can really add up. (no pun intended!)