Firefox 1.0 Preview Release next week

Ben Goodger:

We're heading into a 1.0Preview Release early-mid next week. We don't have Release Candidates ready yet (maybe by Friday), but do take a look at the latest nightlies if you want to help test.

Firefox 1.0 PR blockers

Bugs nominated to block Firefox 1.0 PR

What's new in Firefox 1.0 Preview Release

Draft Release Notes

6 Responses to “Firefox 1.0 Preview Release next week”

  1. michaell Says:

    Your “what’s new” for PR has bug 226791 – fixing dynamic theme switching under major improvements.

    Although there was some work done on improving it, it’s still a bit broken and has been disabled by default, so listing it under improvements could be rather misleading.

  2. José Jeria Says:

    Your search for blocking 1.0 PR+ bugs is only in the Firefox product, there are 5 more bugs in the browser component which blocks 1.0pr

  3. michaell Says:

    José – his query is across all products, so it does include bugs in the browser product. Which bug number were you thinking of?

  4. José Jeria Says:

    What about these bugs?

  5. michaell Says:

    The others in your list have the “fixed-aviary1.0” keyword, which means they are fixed on the aviary branch.

    They are still open because they’re not fixed on the trunk or they are waiting for something else to happen, but they are not blocking the Firefox 1.0(PR) releases (although there seems to be some confusion as what landed where in bug 242529, but Ben seems to have thought it was done enough for the branch…).

    If you want to figure out blockers for a branch, you have to use keywords – the “FIXED” status generally relates to the trunk, so bug can be FIXED but still be a branch blocker (except to add further confusion, if something is FIXED on the trunk before the branch is created, then it will be fixed on the branch too but not have the keyword!)

  6. hemebond Says:

    I really would like to help test, is there a way to run a nightly in parallel with another installation? With a new profile?