2004-09-06 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 252118 - Necko ignores settings for max-persistent-connections-per-server.
  • Fixed: 257375 - about:mozilla should be localizable.
  • Fixed: 241987 - Export bookmarks doesn't save the bookmarks to a file like bookmarks.html.
  • Fixed: 239358 - [FC2 Linux] Reverse DNS lookups are degrading performance.
  • Fixed: 221365 - [Mac] Shockwave plugin does not work on Mac (app needs vers resource).
  • Fixed: 257047 - Update all user-facing version strings to "1.0 Preview Release".
  • Fixed: 256029 - OK doesn't work after changing home page and switching to another category.
  • Fixed: 257242 - Doubled up search plugins if you used Mycroft to install search plugins that are now included by default (Amazon, Dictionary.com, eBay, Google, Yahoo).
  • Fixed: Change live bookmark menu item from "RSS" to "Subscribe to 'RSS'...".
  • Fixed: Don't show bogus Blogger Atom links.

Extension manager fixes:

  • Fixed: 257304 - Use RDF instead of SOAP/WSDL for generic extension update service.
  • Fixed: 247322 - No error when installing 0.9 and not 0.9+ compatible extensions in firefox 0.9+.
  • Fixed: 252543 - Extension never gets installed second time when it has files in components\.
  • Fixed: 256930 - Turn off dynamic theme switching. (Can be turned back on with extensions.dss.enabled)
  • Fixed: 256960 - Individual Extension/Theme update is broken.
  • Fixed: 256961 - Cancel button is disabled on "Updates Found" page.
  • Fixed: 257179 - Theme update failures and blank wizard panel.
  • Fixed: 258013 - Incompatible disabled extensions can be reenabled.
  • Fixed: - Add a hidden pref for admins that completely disables update checking (app.update.enabled). There is still a user-visible pref that disables automatic update checking (extensions.update.autoUpdateEnabled).
  • Fixed (?): Turn the updates-available status bar indicator into a toolbar button.
  • Fixed: part of 252779 - Use HTTPS for update checking.
  • Fixed: Remove the tiny per-item buttons in extension manager. "Options" is now a normal button outside of the list, and "Home" / "About" are now relegated to context menu items.
  • Fixed: 257045 - Update app/EM internal version numbers to "0.10".
  • Fixed: 251821 - Disabled/grayed-out status bar icons for updates, live bookmarks, alternate styles, popup blocking and security.
  • Since August 10: 255123 - [Windows] Opening internet shortcut (.url file) restores second window when all windows minimized.
  • Since ~August 5: 254525 - [Windows] Opening internet shortcut (.url file) brings error dialog when firefox is already running.
  • Since ~July 23: 254040 - Incorrect address in address bar after typing phrase for I'm Feeling Lucky Google search.

If you have downloaded a branch build after August 25th, and installed it with the installer, you'll have to manually remove the following files in your searchplugin directory (otherwise the engines will appear doubled up): Amazon.com.png, Amazon.com.src, Dictionary.com.png, Dictionary.com.src, Yahoo.gif, Yahoo.src. (From pch's checkin comment for bug 257242.)

A patch to hide Firefox's "hidden window" from Exposé in Mac OS X 10.3 was checked in, fixing bug 223545. But this patch was backed out due to a regression it caused on Mac OS X 10.2 (bug 257647).

Draft Firefox 1.0 PR release notes have been posted.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), shill's, pigfoot's, bangbang's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

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  1. testboy Says:

    Yey! Burning edge alive again! Keep up the good work! Try not get too stressed while moving!

  2. C. Coimbra Says:

    Many continuing thanks to the author/owner of B.E. for this valuable resource.

  3. Drew D. Saur Says:

    Does anybody know why the recent Mac nightlies have (sporadically) been so huge?


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