2004-08-25 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 256640 - Make document.all act as a collection.
  • Fixed: 178088 - Mozilla jumping between standards compliance and quirks mode on same page.
  • Fixed (?): 256711 - Cannot use Windows Media Player plugin (since ~August 19). The fix: make broken <object> elements render their content instead of showing puzzle-piece.
  • Fixed: 256658 - New plugin placeholder text is selectable.
  • Fixed: Part of 250396 - Change download manager shortcut to Ctrl+J.
  • Fixed: 174854 - No clear way to get text size immediately back to 100%. (The fix: turn "Text Size" into a submenu of the "View" menu, with items "Increase", "Decrease", and "Normal".)
  • Fixed: 254523 - Find toolbar: No find feedback with ctrl-G & shift-ctrl-G.
  • Fixed: 256656 (?) - Find toolbar: Find field is often both red (not-found status) and empty.
  • Fixed: 250282 - Find toolbar: Scrolling keys should scroll when find toolbar has focus (still not working in framed pages).
  • Fixed: Find toolbar: Only flash the first time the toolbar is opened.
  • Since ~August 20: 256357 - Can't drag proxy icon to desktop.
  • Since August 18: 256089 - Dragging links from pages to bookmarks doesn't work.
  • Since August 10: 255123 - [Windows] Opening internet shortcut (.url file) restores second window when all windows minimized.
  • Since ~August 5: 254525 - [Windows] Opening internet shortcut (.url file) brings error dialog when firefox is already running.
  • Since ~July 23: 254040 - Incorrect address in address bar after typing phrase for I'm Feeling Lucky Google search.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2, moox's builds, pigfoot's builds

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, matlhdam's SSE with SVG

Mac builds: Official Mac

10 Responses to “2004-08-25 Branch builds”

  1. denis Says:

    I get a feeling that search toolbar does not search in textareas. Is this expected? It used to work at some point, and I only noticed now that it does not.

    Is there a setting of some sort – sounds like a bug.

  2. Rirath Says:

    I believe they took searching textareas out a few builds back… probably called it a “fix” too.

    At least a lot of the recent regressions seem to be clearing up, especially Media Player.

  3. jj Says:

    “Change download manager shortcut to Ctrl+J”

    this sucks! ever thought about the fact that the old crtl-e or the ctrl-y could be used with _one_ hand?
    with ctrl+j you have to switch your right hand between the mouse and the keyboard, i don’t htink this is very ergonomical/comfortable.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    > with ctrl+j you have to switch your right hand between the mouse and the keyboard

    Or you could move the mouse to the menu or button. Keyboard shortcuts are primarily for keyboard only users.

  5. Martijn Says:

    > Keyboard shortcuts are primarily for keyboard only users.
    I beg you pardon ? Since when is that ? If you want to comfortably work with a software application good keyboard shortcuts are essential. There should be a need to do everything with the mouse (as in a lot of applications). Mozilla is good to navigate with the keyboard and that is a nice feature (even if you have a mouse). Keyboard is more direct compared to mouse navigation.

  6. Mattias Says:

    If it was about frequently used functions like “go back” or, using photoshop and such, “undo” > ctrl-z, I would agree with the “combining mouse and keyboard”-argument. But toggling download manager seems like a less used function. And if you need to inspect a lot of large simultaneous downloads over long periods of time, you would do a lot better with an extension like Download Statusbar or a mouse gesture. Keep the left-hand-only shortcuts for more heavily used functions.

  7. Logan Says:

    I can hit Ctrl-J with my left hand. Pointer finger on right Ctrl, pinky on the J. In fact, I can also do it with my pinky on the left Ctrl and pointer on the J.

  8. Rirath Says:

    What I find odd is that now Ctrl+J opens the downloads window, but you still have to push Ctrl+Y to close it. Was switching both together such a task?

  9. anonymous Says:

    I just used ctrl+j and it opened up my winamp in a “AMIP Playlist Search”

    Personally I liked the ctrl+y better than ctrl+j especally since it was allready changed to that before.

    I think the download manager should be mapped to ctrl+d (logical right?) and the current ctrl+d function (Add Bookmark) should ba mapped to shift\alt+b

  10. Jeff Walden Says:

    Ctrl+D is permanently ingrained in users (and lots of webpages, too) as Add Bookmark. From an evangelism point of view, changing it would be even foolhardier than removing View Source.