2004-08-11 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 253709 - Search bar autocomplete pops up near left-top of screen after clicking on elements in a site.
  • Fixed yesterday: 242653 - README.TXT mentions Mozilla, not Firefox.
  • Fixed: 250543 - Web Features: rename buttons; disable buttons accordingly to checkboxes.
  • Fixed: 230462 - Options dialog can't be closed with OK button after opening "Cookies | Exceptions".
  • Fixed: 230525 - Add "Allow for session" button in cookie exceptions window.
  • Fixed: 245614 - After add cookie exception, buttons "Allow" and "Block" are not grayed.
  • Fixed: 252938 - Make it clearer that whitelisted cookies aren't downgraded to session.
  • Fixed: 241526 - Make sure we respect locked prefs throughout UI.
  • Fixed: 252953 - Check boxes don't show correctly for load images for originating site only.
  • Fixed: 253905 - Go To Line (Ctrl+L) in View Source does not go to the last line.
  • Since ~July 23: 254040 - Incorrect address in address bar after typing phrase for I'm Feeling Lucky Google search.
  • Since July 19: 252750 - [Mac] Space and FAYT shortcuts go to help window.
  • Since July ??: 254525 - [Windows] Opening internet shortcut (.url file) brings error dialog when firefox is already running.
  • Since July ??: 255123 - [Windows] Opening internet shortcut (.url file) restores second window when all windows minimized.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2, pigfoot's builds

There were two sets of official Windows branch builds today. I linked to the second set above.

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, lokean's with SVG

Mac builds: Official Mac

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