2004-07-21 Branch builds

  • Fixed: Change update-check interval to 24 hours to allow us to broadcast security updates more quickly.
  • Fixed: 251258 - Tools->Read Mail doesn't display unread mail count when mail icon is not on toolbar.
  • Fixed: 251248 - "New Message..." menu item doesn't show Ctrl+M shortcut.
  • Fixed: 251767 - Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut for DOM Inspector not shown in menu.
  • Since May 18: 248423 - config.trim_on_minimize no longer works.
  • Since ~June 2: 245327 - theme switch clears all tabs, disables their history, can't close these tabs.
  • Since ~March 15 or ~June 8: 246078 - URLs from other apps result in two Firefox windows or a window and an error dialog.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), moox's builds

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: No official Mac build.

3 Responses to “2004-07-21 Branch builds”

  1. mayco Says:

    why is 245327 still marked as a bug? it has the status fixed…

  2. mayco Says:

    never mind, didn’t notice that it was fixed on the trunk only… sorry :)

  3. Dennis J. Says:

    Since I couldn’t find my favicon problems in bugzilla (although some came close) I filed them as a new bug:

    btw how does one configure the new mail toolbar button on Linux? “about:config” doesn’t seem to have an entry to specify the mail client and clicking the icon does nothing (it should at least pop up a “mail client not configured” dialog imho)