2004-07-12 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 235457 - Blocked popup window opened from menu circumvents content restrictions
  • Fixed: 250896 - Broken browser message when XPI blocker message appears in a tab where a popup blocked message previously appeared
  • Fixed: 250898 - XPInstall Whitelist UI: Clicking on Edit Settings opens one dialog per browser window
  • Fixed: 174390 - Bookmarks Toolbar overflow doesn't account for toolbar items to the right of the BT; overflow only cares about the browser border.
  • Fixed: 250820 - After returning from full screen, rightclick on "navigation toolbar" does not work
  • Fixed: 246417 - Statusbar/Advanced Options software updater fails even if extension update exists
  • Fixed: 245953 - Update works poorly
  • Fixed: Add Myk Melez, Vladimir Vukicevic, Tracy Walker, and Rafael Ebron to credits.
  • Fixed: 250674 - Make it possible to disable favicons using hidden prefs.
  • Since July 10: 250818 - Installer chokes on Talkback.
  • Since July 8: 250488 - "Open in Tabs" in a bookmarks folder no longer works.
  • Since May 18: 248423 - config.trim_on_minimize no longer works.
  • Since ~June 2: 245327 - theme switch clears all tabs, disables their history, can't close these tabs.
  • Since ~March 15 or ~June 8 (???): 246078 - URLs from other apps result in two Firefox windows or a window and an error dialog.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: No official Linux builds.

Mac builds: Official Mac

9 Responses to “2004-07-12 Branch builds”

  1. hank Says:

    I’m visiting inlaws who have Windows XP (and spyware and adware and malware and crapware and Explorer).

    Installed Firefox of course. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7) Gecko/20040707 Firefox/0.9.2

    plus the extension about which there was a big security warning this morning.

    BUT of course, I’m as lost as I was at home with Mac OSX.

    Is 0.9.2 one of those dead-end leaf/nut/fruit/twig builds that is now obsolete, and is everything worth worrying about now in … um, what exactly?
    0.9? nightly build?

  2. Dan Schreck Says:

    for your macintosh you will won’t to use the latest branch build. (The branch has all the most stable stuff and the latest security fixes) You can get it by clicking on the “Offical Mac” link above.

    Things are happening pretty quickly lately with the new search bar and RSS stuff being worked on very aggresively before 1.0. So check back often.


  3. David Stone Says:

    Those Official Windows links are pointing to yesterday’s nightly builds. :)

  4. Steve Sizemore Says:

    There’s a new popup UI in this build. Here’s a screenshot:


  5. hank Says:

    Clarifying-I’m sitting at a Windows XP box; the 9=year old Admin has set me up a user account; his 12-year old sister has explained all the things they’ve had to do to deal with popyups with IE.

    They’re both interested in Firefox. They’re the Windows users, I’m not.

    (Yes, we’re ‘baby’sitting niece and nephew, while parents travel on business).

    So — can I find a version of Firefox for Win XP I can set up here that the 9= and 12-year olds here can maintain after I leave in a week?

    Start, where, please? Or would they be safer staying with Explorer for now?

    Well, no. So, what next?

  6. Andrew Says:

    Well, i’d personally recommend just using a release build–i.e. 0.9.2

    No need to get into using branch/trunk/aviary builds…by the time 1.0 comes out, then they would have a legitimate reason to update. Using a nightly build means one fix could mean something else getting broken–perpetuating a constant install/reinstall of Firefox.

    Not good for 9 or 12 year olds, much less anyone who could care less. So again, just use 0.9.2 with some appropriate extensions:

    I’d say give em Adblock//UserContent and Nuke Anything.

    Those two, above all, are some of the most important in my opinion.

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I fixed the build links and added 250674 (Make it possible to disable favicons using hidden prefs) to the list of fixes.

  8. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I asked Brian Ryner why there aren’t Linux builds. The Talkback server is down, and that screws up the build process. That’s probably also the reason the Windows installer gives an error involving Talkback.

  9. hank Says:

    Thanks Andrew! 0.9.2, plus Adblock, is a solid foundation for the kids’ machine. Good advice.