2004-06-20 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 243387 - about:plugins broken (since May 10).
  • Fixed: Make Winstripe the default theme.
  • Fixed: Various updates from the branch - extension manager, update service, etc.
  • Fixed: 225944 - Add folder pane to Bookmark Manager (screenshot). You can drag bookmarks into folders in the folder pane.
  • Fixed: 244025 - Move lock icon to address bar and change address bar background color for secure sites (screenshot).
  • Fixed: Add wikipedia and imdb searches to default bookmarks file.
  • Fixed: 140611 - When a block element is first in RTL <LI>, bullet moves left.
  • Since June 6: 246419 - Bookmarks file converts ' to &#39; in bookmark title.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion, yesterday's discussion)

Linux builds: No official Linux builds

Mac builds: No official Mac builds

7 Responses to “2004-06-20 Trunk builds”

  1. José Jeria Says:

    Is bug 244025 trunk only?

    I am using the 20040620 branch build and I dont see this.

  2. José Jeria Says:

    Disregard my previous comment, i see it now..

  3. nth10sd Says:

    once again, for those looking for a blog similar to the Burning Edge on changes regarding Thunderbird, do drop by my blog @


    Do post any commments on how I can improve the site there…. :)

  4. José Jeria Says:

    nth10sd: your blog seems to be broken, i get all these weird characthers when viewing with mozilla…

  5. nth10sd Says:

    nope… everything seems fine…. does anyone else encounter this problem?

  6. bb Says:

    The problem with the blogspot pages is outlined in this bug:

  7. Logan Says:

    Jesse, I pity you. That’s a lot of gmail account invitation requests, and that’s only 24 hours worth, or so.