2004-06-17 Trunk builds

  • Since June 6: 246419 - Bookmarks file converts ' to ' in bookmark title.
  • Since May 10: 243387 - about:plugins broken.

Windows builds: No Windows trunk builds (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

5 Responses to “2004-06-17 Trunk builds”

  1. MMx2000 Says:

    I now have an OS X 2004-06-17-trunk build, also avaliable in this thread: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=84847

    Greetings . . . Martin

  2. abs Says:

    the “Finishing Extension Installation” problem still exists. it was mentioned as fixed on this page: http://www.squarefree.com/burningedge/archives/000459.html
    but in FirefoxSetup-2004-06-17-10-0.9 (latest win32 as of this post), it’s not fixed. can be recreated when upgrading and a prev ext is shown greyed. can select it. so i re-installed the web-dev ext (from updates.*) and selected the greyed one to be uninstalled. tried to restart and got that message.

  3. ironstorm Says:

    Running Windows, I have the extensions problem also…

    The other thing I noticed is there is something messed with the behaviour of the find and bookmark popup boxes, both of these appear focused (title bar is focused colour), yet I can’t type into the text input field.

    As a work around, I have to alt-tab to another app, come back and then click on the box before I can type…

    Does anyone else see this focus behaviour? If so, I’ll open a bug.


  4. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    I hope I won’t ask a silly question but it’s still unclear for me. Will the current work on the trunk (based on Mozilla 1.8) lead to Firefox 1.0, or to a post-1.0 release ?

  5. Harm Hilvers Says:

    Jean-Marc: the work on the trunk will lead to a post 1.0 release. The work on the 0.9 branch is for the 0.9 _and_ 1.0 release of Firefox.