2004-06-02 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 245275 - Clicking in Address Bar does not select Address (Since Jun 1)
  • Fixed: 225641 - Installer should ask where to put icons
  • Fixed: 244965 - Untrusted web content can display content using "chrome" flag in window.open
  • Fixed: 156422 - Win32's nsILocalFile.reveal() (used by Reveal Location) doesn't select file
  • Fixed: 217715 - Java applet fails to get some of its parameters -- getParameter() returns null
  • Fixed: 240903 - Clicking image input highlights the image in purple/blue
  • Fixed: 236941 - UTF-8 converter looses full lines of text if they contain invalid characters
  • Since May 10: 243387 - about:plugins broken.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang023's O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux gtk2+xft, Official Linux gtk2+xft installer, lokean's gtk2+xft

Mac builds: MMx2000's

8 Responses to “2004-06-02 Trunk builds”

  1. Alex Bishop Says:

    With regards to bug 244965, is it a great idea to publish the summaries of restricted security-sensitive bugs?

  2. Mike Goodspeed Says:

    Whether it is a good idea or not aside, he has a long history of doing it. In like 2 months, the bug would appear anyway.

  3. José Jeria Says:

    How about branch builds? Since trunk will not be 0.9 nor 1.0

  4. nth10sd Says:

    Due to numerous user requests, I’m starting a weekly log change over at my blog http://nth10sd.blogspot.com/ similar to Burning Edge for Thunderbird. Its based on Robert Wall’s Bonsai Bugs : Thunderbird site, but mine’s on a weekly basis since Thunderbird doesnt have much fixes each day.

    Btw, some of u might remember me.. because i used to build Thunderbird installers till around v0.2 :)

    Do feel free to post any comments on how I can improve the site.

  5. Tom Says:


    Nice idea, but its really poorly layed out. The thing about this site is that you can see whats good, whats bad, and whats in review. I think you should consider either moving to a free host and setting up a MT installation, or try a different theme @ your hosts.

    Btw- tho thanks for setting this up.

  6. Alex Says:

    Middleclick scroll is broken I think…

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I published the summary of bug 244965 on The Burning Edge because Peter(6) had already published it in http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=81435 . I assume he got the summary from the CVS checkin comment.

  8. Jeff Walden Says:


    He did.