Beast hourly builds

Beast, the machine that produces official Firefox nightly builds for Windows, also produces hourly* builds. As far as I can tell, these builds are the same as the official nightly builds.

Since 242856 (slow image, text, view source rendering; temporary blank pages) and 242709/242494 (can't submit some forms) were fixed tfter today's official builds were made, it makes sense to download a Beast build today.

*Beast is part of the Firefox Tinderbox and builds Firefox continuously. Each build takes about an hour. Thus, the builds are roughly hourly.

9 Responses to “Beast hourly builds”

  1. Victor Antolini Says:

    Too bad there’s no hourly Linux builds… yet.

  2. Neil Paris Says:

    Ocean makes Linux builds…but not hourly

    Also, according to Firefox’s tinderbox page, moco is now doing builds…or at least it shows as building

  3. Sander Says:

    I upgraded from the April 13 build. After launch, all extensions are disabled. This build breaks when I enable them: crashes when going to the Options dialog, and pages do not load anymore or do not show images. I guess some of my extensions (adblock?) are not compatible anymore.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Adblock hasn’t been compatible with builds since May 15, according to Peter(6).

  5. Don Dragon Says:

    The latest FF nightly builds don’t support Adblock anymore. FF will just freeze if you have Adblock installed. Any solutions?

    Don Dragon :-(

  6. Sander Says:

    Yes Don, the forums mention this :-/

  7. Ewok Says:

    why has it been said that bug has been fixed when it hasnt? its not classed as fixed, and hasnt been checked in!!!

  8. Quark Says:

    The comments state that the changes causing the bug were backed out. So they’re probably leaving it open until they fix the original patch so that it doesn’t cause this anymore.

  9. JimB Says:

    The Zipfile at is larger than the one at

    Refering to the comment “As far as I can tell, these builds are the same as the official nightly builds.”