2004-05-16 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: Help is busted? (since May 15)
  • Fixed: 239722 - Installing Firefox after upgrading Windows, without rebooting in between, deletes system files.
  • Since May 11: 243315 - [Linux only] gtk2 builds don't start.
  • Since ~May 10: 243482 - [Mac only] File upload control is broken.
  • Since May 10: 243387 - about:plugins broken.
  • Since May 10: 243386 - Find as you type text not shown in status bar.
  • Since May 10: 243221 - DOM Inspector broken in Firefox.
  • Since May 6: 242768 - [Linux only] Crash [@ IM_get_input_context] (?)
  • Since May 6: 242856 - Slow image, text, view source rendering / page takes long time to load or blank.
  • Since ~May 5: 242799 - trackpoint/touchpad scrolling support broken. (workaround)
  • Since May 1: 242709, 242494 - Can't submit some forms.
  • Since ~Apr 30: 242275 - hang on https certificate dialog (installer builds only).
  • Since ~Apr 26: 241865 - Drag-n-drop link to download manager doesn't work.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux gtk2+xft, Official Linux gtk2+xft installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

3 Responses to “2004-05-16 Trunk builds”

  1. fishbert Says:

    Oh yay, we finally get mention of Bug 239722 here….. after it gets fixed.
    I suppose better late than never, but still…

  2. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Something rather rare : a code enhancement (the “bug” 233441 that introduced the true bug 242856) is backed out in order no to deter too many testers. 1.0 is near and Firefox cannot miss it. Bug 242856 is (was ?) unfortunately difficult to reproduce at will for many of us.

  3. Jeff Walden Says:

    Bug 242856 was introduced after the 1.7 branch occurred. Firefox 0.9/1.0 are based off this branch, roughly, tho much of the Firefox development is occurring on trunk. Thus, this bug would not have affected Firefox 0.9 or 1.0. Isn’t it a good thing Firefox 0.9 and 1.0 are based off a stable branch (particularly because it’s an ueber-stable branch because Seamonkey made it for long-lasting stability)?

    Recently the Firefox 0.9/1.0 branch was opened (AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH on Bonsai). The work on trunk for the extension/themes manager was backported, and a few fixes have also entered the branch. In a week or so there will be a tinderbox set up for it, and you can always use Bonsai to query and discover what’s been fixed. Once Ben gives the okay on the extension/themes/manager, we should start seeing super-stable branch builds whose day-to-day changes consist solely of bugfixes any time. These builds should be very safe to use, unlike the current trunk (I’ve wanted to test but haven’t been willing to subject myself to the problems since 20040424[!]).