2004-04-22 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 240835 - No progress indication in download manager.
  • Fixed: 237754 - reintroduce getRegistryEntry, allowing Launchy to work again.
  • Fixed on trunk and branch: 240759 - necko DNS cache stops working (LIFO instead of FIFO)
  • Fixed: 64485 - [Linux] Intellimouse Explorer Backwards and Forwards button support
  • Fixed: 142120 - Too many stops for Ctrl-RightArrow ("a b" stop 3 times instead of 2) (Linux and Mac)

These builds have a new partial Extension Manager. Ben says "I recommend steering clear of as much of this UI/functionality as possible in the next week or three since it's pretty broken right now and really does nothing useful yet. Please don't file any bugs on any of this yet - it's very very far from done."

  • Since ~Apr 17: 241068 - Intermittent crash when entering text in input field.
  • Since Apr 17: 240811 - Can't install extensions.
  • Since Apr 11: 240367 - Saving page or image results in "Download Error" dialog (but succeeds anyway).
  • Since ~Mar 28: 239366 - Official gtk2 build crashes on startup on Fedora Core 1. (Workaround)
  • Since Mar 20: 238186 - URL in Page Info dialog appears blue.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), TierMann's O2 G7 SSE, djeter's O2 G7 SSE2, scragz' G6 SSE, G7 SSE, G7 SSE2, G7, O2, and O2 G7 SSE

Linux builds: Official Linux, no official gtk2 builds

Mac builds: Official Mac

9 Responses to “2004-04-22 Trunk builds”

  1. tosem Says:

    yaaaaay! jesse is back! yuupii!!!

  2. Steve Says:

    Welcome back!
    You were missed.

  3. Barend Says:

    Ha, burningedge back. Great!

  4. Logan Says:

    Unfortunately, 241068 looks like a big’un. I’d love to check out the new extension manager, even if I know it doesn’t work. Anyone have information on what the differences are with the new extension manager?

  5. Logan Says:

    Mayhaps I should have Googled before asking here. http://blog.codefront.net/archives/2004/03/30/firefox_extension_manager.php

  6. José Jeria Says:

    Can anyone else reproduce this crash?

  7. Asgaroth Says:

    quote [Can anyone else reproduce this crash?

    This bug happens to me too, with the 22/04 firefox.

  8. Nicolas Says:

    My life has a meaning again!

  9. Victor Antolini Says:

    Yipeeeh, i can finally stop crying now. Yes, that does sound sad. And yes, it is true :P

    Welcome back.

    (btw, linux build seems quite crashey)