2004-04-14 Trunk builds

  • Fixed on trunk and branch: 234761 - Crash by invalid Content-Style-Type on typing Enters in textarea
  • Fixed on trunk and branch: 240449 - Infinite loop in DocumentViewerImpl::CreateStyleSet
  • Fixed: 235832 - Crash on Save Image As with jpeg images and Save Page As on local files (Mac only)
  • Since Apr 13: 240404 - Content area context menu broken (selection context menu appears even when nothing is selected)
  • Since Apr 11: 240367 - Saving page or image results in "Download Error" dialog (but succeeds anyway)
  • Since ~Mar 28: 239366 - Official gtk2 build crashes on startup on Fedora Core 1. (Workaround)
  • Since Mar 20: 238186 - URL in Page Info dialog appears blue.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, BlueFyre's O2 G7 SSE, djeter's O2 SSE and O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux gtk2+xft, Official Linux gtk2+xft installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

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