2004-03-31 Builds

  • Fixed: 236673 - Crash when starting without a profile (Win98, WinME) (since ~Mar 6).
  • Fixed: 236607 - File > Import crashes.
  • Fixed: Add 191460 - add .scr to list of "dangerous" extensions. (I don't know whether this affects Firefox or just Thunderbird.)
  • Since ~Mar 28: Official gtk2 build crashes on startup on Fedora Core 1 (thread)
  • Since Mar 20: 238186 - URL in Page Info dialog appears blue.
  • Import bug: 237918 - Installer build throws javascript error on file->import and import dialog does not function.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), BlueFyre's O2 G7 SSE, bangbang023's O2 G7 SSE2, MozJF's, chaosite's O2 G7 SSE2, JTw's O2, scragz' G6 SSE, G7, G7 SSE, G7 SSE2, and O2 G6

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux gtk2+xft, MozillaCop's gtk2+xft

Mac builds: Official Mac

6 Responses to “2004-03-31 Builds”

  1. MozJF Says:

    bug 191460 should only concern mozilla and thunderbird, as it is a mailnews component bug.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    The patch is to a file that isn’t in a mail-specfic directory, and the function that was modified (isExecutable) is called by Firefox’s download manager.

  3. José Jeria Says:

    Set as wallpaper, try that out, then try each one of the options to see the preview. AFter testing 2 of them, it stops working

    I am on windows 2000, anytone else seeing this?

  4. semja Says:

    i’ve tried this build (linux-gtk2 version) and i’m suprised! this is very good nightly – much faster and stable than the biult i’ve used before (20040306).

  5. José Jeria Says:

    Anyway, i filed bug:

    would be nice if anybody can confirm this one

  6. Aniltak Says:

    i confirm the wallpaper preview bug

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7b) Gecko/20040401 Firefox/0.8.0+