2004-03-20 Builds

  • Fixed: 234717 - Right-clicking a in a *subfolder* of the bookmarks menu makes that folder inaccessible if nothing is selected on the context menu
  • Fixed: 234116 - Context menu commands don't work in *subfolders* of bookmarks menu.
  • Fixed: 207403 - URLs in the js console should be formatted like a link (blue, underlined)
  • Continued regression: 236607 - File > Import crashes
  • Continued regression: 236673 - Crash when starting without a profile (Win98, WinME)

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), JTw's O2, MozJF's, BlueFyre's O2 G7 SSE, djeter's O2 SSE, scragz' G6, G6 SSE, G7, G7 SSE, G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux, no official xft+gtk2 build, aebrahim's xft+gtk2, MozillaCop's xft+gtk2 AthXP-only(?)

Mac builds: Official Mac

7 Responses to “2004-03-20 Builds”

  1. Tom Graham Says:

    looks like a very good build – some great bug fixes – anyone tried it yet?

  2. Tom Pike Says:

    Very nice build overall.

    Is anyone else seeing that the URL field in the page info dialog is now blue (and the text in the context menu if you right-click on it is underlined). I’d imagine it’s been caused by the fix for 207403. Couldn’t find a bug for it.

  3. Radley Smith Says:

    Yup, I’m getting that too.

  4. Dave Says:

    I’ve noticed that the problem with the profile migration not working (or File > Import) is only happening in installer builds and works fine with the zipped builds. Is this what everyone else is seeing?

  5. MozJF Says:

    Both regression could be duplicate of each others. For regression bug 236673, I can do a workaround by installing Opera 7.23.

  6. n00b Says:

    I use only the zipped builds, and on the 2004/03/17 official windows build, File -> Import crashed the browser the only time I tried it

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Profile migration not working in installer builds is http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=238173