2004-03-04 Builds

  • Fixed: Import (bookmarks, passwords, cookies, form history, history, and options) from Internet Explorer for Windows doesn't work
  • Fixed: groupboxes in Options look weird (from 236107)
  • Fixed: 235397 - Make Esc not close view source
  • Fixed: Show the download manager even for fast downloads.

Because of the last fix, the download manager now opens when saving an image (66723 or 143949?).

  • Continued regression: 234966 - crash scrolling with mousewheel (for a few users)
  • Continued regression: 234576 - Autoscroll crashes (for some users)
  • Continued regression: 234717 - Right-clicking a in a *subfolder* of the bookmarks menu makes that folder inaccessible if nothing is selected on the context menu
  • Continued regression: 234116 - Context menu commands don't work in *subfolders* of bookmarks menu.

Windows builds: Official Windows builds are screwy, BlueFyre's O2 G7 SSE, aebrahim's official-nightly-like build

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, daihard's xft+gtk2 SSE2, dmb's, MrC's xft+gtk2 with DOMi,Venkman (SSE2, SSE, and non-SSE)

Mac builds: Official Mac

2 Responses to “2004-03-04 Builds”

  1. michael Says:

    This was not a good day for build attempts.

  2. Hank Says:

    Eh? I got this far (first stop) using
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7b) Gecko/20040304 Firefox/0.8.0+

    What wasn’t good for you? Foreshadowing, please?