2004-02-18 Builds

  • Fixed: 234734 - Can't click on autocomplete results (in 2004-02-17 build).
  • Fixed: 234660 - If your home page is about:blank, bookmarks etc. are broken (in 2004-02-16+).
  • Fixed: 234592 - Help is missing
  • Fixed: 231042 - cannot remove stored (empty) password
  • Fixed (?): 221654 - empty password manager entries prevent form submission.
  • Fixed: 234756 - Set as Wallpaper: "Center" preview of tall image breaks dialog
  • Fixed: 229036 - "License" and "Readme" start menu items don't work
  • Continued regression: 234116 - Context menu commands don't work in *subfolders* of bookmarks menu.

Windows builds: Official Windows (discussion), Official Windows installer, Lovharn's O2 builds with Flash, Shockwave, and different default prefs, cypher77's G7 SSE, stipe's O2 builds (G6 and G7), scragz' G7 SSE2, G7 SSE, G6 SSE, G7, O2 G6, djeter's Og, krueger's G6 SSE, G7, G7 SSE

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, MrC's SSE2 xft+gtk2 with DOMi,Venkman, MozillaCop's (requires AthXP?)

Mac builds: Official Mac

3 Responses to “2004-02-18 Builds”

  1. José Jeria Says:

    I have this build and I dont see any help? A,lso the license agreement is still missing. Am I missing something here?

  2. XF Says:

    Tonight I installed scragz’s G7 SSE build and help is there… This seems a good one, except for the bookmarks subfolders (included Bookmarks Toolbar… :( ) bug.

  3. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Actually they forgot to put chrome/help.jar in the installer version. Only the zipped build has it.
    The license agreement is missing in both builds. Maybe a late check-in.