Firefox 0.8 released!

  • New name
  • New, cuter icons (with corresponding buttons for links!)
  • New About window
  • New Credits page in About window
  • Fixed: 233287 - Software License Agreement appears without line breaks
  • Fixed: 206029 - Installing Flash screws stuff up (forum thread).

For a list of what's changed since Firebird 0.7, see my long list, Asa's list, or the Firefox 0.8 release notes.

  • Continued regression: 229600 - Installing 2 extensions without restarting re-launches extension-installer for previous installed extensions.

Windows builds: Official Windows installer, jesus_X's non-installer (.zip) build based on official installer build

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2

Mac builds: Official Mac

All official builds

13 Responses to “Firefox 0.8 released!”

  1. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    A fox and a bird … Will “Aviary 1.0” also be renamed then ? ;-)

  2. José Jeria Says:

    The new logo rocks, its beautiful! Would be interesting to know who has done it.

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says: talks about the people who did the icons and logos.

  4. tim Says:

    I like the logo and don’t mind the name. The concern I have is the lack of consistency. Is this because there is no one considering the big picture? Or is the name temperary (it doesn’t sound like it in Ben’s piece)? I still like the simple Mozilla Mail, Browser, Calendar suggestion. It would be easier for me to convert my friends than what Firefox will be.

  5. ads Says:

    Love the new name and logo. :)

  6. Xanthor Says:

    The file chrome://browser/content/about.png is missing in my linux GTK2 build…
    (needed by the about: page)

  7. sensemann Says:


    once firefox and thunderbird will become the main products of mozilla foundation they will be named mozilla browser and mozilla mail.
    firefox and thunderbird are the codenames of the project – perhaps comparable to whistler –> windows xp ;)

  8. cb Says:

    I don’t think that’s true anymore. Firefox will likely be the final name. Thunderbird will probably be changed to Thunderfox though.

  9. Barend Says:

    Thunderfox are go

  10. Patrick Ryan Says:

    I have BitTorrents available at

  11. boily Says:

    I’m simply happy the new release arrived! The idea of the chinese red fox as a logo is indeed really good!

  12. Neil Parks Says:

    I suppose after awhile I’ll get used to the name. But that doggoned upside down salamander logo has got to go!

    If the flaming red icon that has graced the trunk builds till now isn’t good enough, what’s wrong with the good old Mozilla lizard?

  13. Jeff Walden Says:

    I sure hope they haven’t! Renaming from Firebird to Firefox is bad enough in its own way, but at least the names are similar enough that the mindshare loss won’t be very great. Besides, the microapps (no more *birds, :-( ;-) ) are way different from the Mozilla Suite that they’ve replaced in terms of official work being done on them.

    As for Thunderfox, there was nothing wrong with Thunderbird, so I doubt (and hope) they won’t change it.