2004-02-05 Branch builds

  • Fixed on trunk and branch: part of 228672 - skip the "Clean Upgrade" panel in the installer. (On the branch, this makes it NOT delete your files. I haven't tested a trunk installer.)
  • Fixed on branch: Fix a problem with the installer when installing several extensions in one transaction
  • Fixed on branch: 230768 - New download should flash taskbar icon 2 times if download window is open, but not focused.
  • Continued regression: 229600 - Installing 2 extensions without restarting re-launches extension-installer for previous installed extensions.

Windows builds: Official Windows installer, djeter's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2

5 Responses to “2004-02-05 Branch builds”

  1. showdax Says:

    err? something done about 228672? can’t be!

  2. Josť Jeria Says:

    I havent tested this build, so what does this mean? That you have to uninstall first and then install?

  3. Josť Jeria Says:


  4. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Thanks Josť. At least we know *why* the installer behaves like that.

  5. chaos945 Says: