2004-01-04 Branch builds

  • Continued regression: 229600 - Installing 2 extensions without restarting re-launches extension-installer for previous installed extensions.
  • Installer problem: 228672 - Installer deletes any non-Firebird files in the installation directory (if you check the "Safe Upgrade" box, which is unchecked by default on the branch)

Windows builds: No official Windows build, scragz' G7 SSE2, G7 SSE, G6 SSE, G7

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2

10 Responses to “2004-01-04 Branch builds”

  1. Josť Jeria Says:

    Is this annoying popup suppose to come up every time you fill in a form?

    Should there be an option like “yeah, i get the point, stop annoying me”

  2. Jeff Walden Says:

    I think the popups are intentional. There has to be a setting in about:config that would disable them. I’m going to have to edit my user.js file again, I think…

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Jose: what popup are you talking about?

  4. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Indeed. Please enlighten us … :-)

  5. Josť Jeria Says:

    I cant seem to get them anymore, I got them 3 times, thought it was 2 times to many. This popup came when i filled in a form and wanted to submit. Dont remember the text but there was a checkbox to check, and checking that would cause to always show this warning. Usually is the other way around, isnt it?

    Anyway, cant seem to get this alert again.

  6. Josť Jeria Says:

    By the way, autocomplete on forms doest work for me anymore with build 20040102 , anyone else?

  7. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Well, strangely it doesn’t with the “Post a comment” of TBE anymore. It does however with e.g. mailandnews.com (a typical login form). A deeper HTML analysis is probably required here …
    I just downloaded and installed build 040102 like you to test this. I can also say that my previous build 031223 had the same behaviour.
    (Note : I haven’t queried Bugzilla on this yet.)

  8. Josť Jeria Says:

    What seems to be wrong is the position where they appear. Sometimes outside the visible area. just tried to login to http://www.lycos.de and the automcomplete appears like 400 px to the left.

  9. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Autocomplete appearing in the wrong place on some sites is http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=214121.

  10. Josť Jeria Says:

    Thanks Jesse, noticed that I already added myself on this bug. Maybe I should stop adding myself to bugs, when i am too tired :-)