2003-12-23 Branch builds

  • Fixed: part of 228672 - Installer defaults to using "Safe Upgrade", which is dangerous because "Safe Upgrade" deletes all file in the installation directory without warning.
  • Continued branch-only regression: 228986 - crash after installing two extensions without restart.
  • Installer problem: 228672 - Installer deletes any non-Firebird files in the installation directory (if you check the "Safe Upgrade" box)
  • Continued regression: 228648 - Some WinXP users report crashes at startup.

Windows builds: Official Windows Installer, MozJF's Installer and 7zip

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2

5 Responses to “2003-12-23 Branch builds”

  1. alanjstr Says:

    228672 is not fixed.

  2. alanjstr Says:

    how can you have on the same entry that it is fixed and that it is a continued regression?

  3. ker Says:

    it’s partially fixed. now it just won’t delete all the files on the folder by default.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I should have said “Fixed: part of 228672”, like I’ve done in the past for other bugs.

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I added “part of” to the post.