2003-12-21 Trunk builds

I made a few mistakes in yesterday's entries. The download fixes didn't make it in until today's builds. The add bookmark window size bug was fixed on the branch and not on the trunk, not the other way around. All of these bugs are fixed on both the trunk and the branch in today's builds.

  • Fixed in 12/21 (oops): Download progress resets to zero momentarily on download items when a new download begins
  • Fixed in 12/21 (oops): Downloads window displays "0%" in the title bar progress briefly after a download completes.
  • Fixed: 227951 - "Add Bookmark" window becomes wider each time the arrow button is hit.
  • Continued regression: 228648 - Some WinXP users report crashes at startup.

Windows builds: No official Windows trunk builds because Ben wants us to test the branch. MozJF's installer, stipe's SSE

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, daihard's

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