2003-12-19 Branch builds

  • Most or all of the trunk fixes noted for 12/18 and 12/19 made it into 12/19 branch builds.
  • Fixed on branch only in 12/17: 220807 - better handling for unknown text/plain types
  • Fixed on branch only in 12/17: 214260 - XPInstall UI improvements.
  • Changed: "Roll back application icon for now until we get the new final icon." (Trunk builds still have the globe-and-wing icon.)
  • New regression in 12/18: 228952 - open in tabs broken
  • Continued branch-only regression: 228882 - prefs.js is not saved if you create a new profile. (?)
  • Continued regression: 228648 - Some WinXP users report crashes at startup.
  • Continued regression: 227951 - "Add Bookmark" window becomes wider each time the arrow button is hit.

Windows builds: Official Windows installer, MozJF's, scragz's G7 SSE2, G7 SSE, G7, G6 SSE

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2

4 Responses to “2003-12-19 Branch builds”

  1. Jimmy McCrory Says:

    228882 doesn’t save any changes to preferences anywhere. (bookmarks, toolbar customization, or options)

  2. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Bug 228952 fixed in about 5 hours 3/4, bug comments like “… this should get on the branch ASAP …” : their Christmas tree is in fire(bird) ! Relax guys, no need for a hurry. Beginning of 2004 is just as well.

  3. José Jeria Says:

    The official windows installer links to 18th build.

    I get
    Gecko/20031218 Firebird/0.7+

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Jose: that’s strange. It’s in a directory called 2003-12-19-00-0.8. Maybe the build IDs get screwed up for midnight builds.