2003-11-05 Builds

  • Fixed: 224449 - "Cancel" button doesn't close download window
  • Fixed: 224737 - thumbnails at deviantart aren't spaced out
  • Continued regression (since 11/04): 224840 - security.warn_submit_insecure defaults to true.
  • Continued regression (since 11/01): 224399 - Print button on toolbar doesn't work.
  • Continued regression: 224538 - Print preview: portrait/landscape buttons don't work immediately
  • Continued regression: 222157 - View Source: Save As, Find don't work.

A new version of Tabbrowser Extensions is available. It fixes the infamaous "requested pop-up" crash for some users but not for others.

Windows builds: Official Windows (Discussion), aebrahim's G7 SSE2, G7 SSE, G6 SSE, scragz's with DOMi,Venkman, MozJF's gcc, cypher77's gcc

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, aebrahim's SSE2 xft+gtk2, daihard's

Mac builds: Official Mac

FreeBSD builds: cirr's

5 Responses to “2003-11-05 Builds”

  1. Jeff Walden Says:

    Bug #1 is still new (but easily fixable), #2 and #3 are now fixed, #4 is relatively minor and shouldn’t be a big deal for most. I’m going to start using nightlies again starting tomorrow if nothing else crops up.

  2. tim Says:

    If you haven’t been using nightlies out of fear of bugs, be careful switching over tomorrow:

    “I trashed nearly 200 lines of codes, so please test
    well and report bugs! :)” – Pierre

    Of course it owuld help the testing if you switched.

  3. Jeff Walden Says:

    Later reports in that bug suggest it’s working fine now.

    It’s not so much out of fear that I sometimes don’t use recent nightlies as just not wanting to have to deal with anything major. I usually use something from within a day, but if there’s something that would particularly interfere, I stick with an older nightly (currently on 20031028, but will install 1106 after I finish this post). The whole testing part is secondary to efficient browsing for me.

  4. honkyrockrock Says:

    google bar refuses to open in a new tab.

  5. tim Says:


    Completely understand. That is why I come on here so often – I want to know if there are any show stoppers. Some of the time I see them but usually not until after they have been posted on here by Jesse. A couple times it has allowed me to go back to the build before a new error has come into the builds. I was just letting you know something that I had seen on another page that might have helped you just in case.