2003-10-20 Builds

  • Fixed: 170499 - clicking link in about dialog does strange things
  • Continued regression: 222157 - Find is broken in View Source window.

Windows build: aebrahim's official-nightly-like build
Windows build: MozJF's gcc
Linux build: Official Linux
Linux build: Official Linux+xft+gtk2
Mac build: Official Mac

4 Responses to “2003-10-20 Builds”

  1. Jeff Walden Says:

    Interesting new way to show builds…I think I liked the old way better because it was less clutter and builds didn’t look as if they were all the same (not just for the same platform).

  2. Mondo Says:

    I liked the old way of showing builds too. More efficient space usage. One line per platform is surely enough.

  3. tim Says:

    I agree with that, especially when the official build for Windows goes live again in tomorrow’s report (along with the two other unofficial builds). Putting it all on one line simply makes more sense.

  4. reuben Says:

    I kinda like this new way, but you should still list if there is no official build instead of only showing what does exist.