Firebird 0.7 coming up

Firebird 0.7 should be released next week. You can download 0.7 branch builds if you want something 0.7-like before 0.7 is released.

If you need help explaining to your Firebird-using friends why they should upgrade to 0.7, I've compiled a list of important changes between 0.6.x and 0.7. It's easy to lose track of the big picture if you download Firebird builds often.

You also might also wonder whether to recommend trunk nighlies to friends instead of 0.7. For now, I recommend setting friends up with 0.7. There's some exciting stuff coming in 0.8, but most of it hasn't happened yet. Here's a summary of what's happened on the trunk since 0.7 branched on Sept 10:

  • 205726 - DNS rewrite that added IPv6 support on Windows 2000/XP/2003 and eliminated DNS pinning.
  • 98533 - 3% launch speedup
  • 52596 - for several fonts, bold text expands when selected
  • 173277 - overflowing table cells don't cause horizontal scrollbars to appear
  • 102578 - Clicking wrongfully fires onmouseout on Linux (dhtml menus, css/edge menus) - fixed for gtk2
  • 128668 - Use GNOME application associations
  • 33282 - enable external scheme handlers (like aim: and telnet:) in Linux
  • Many other, less visible, bugs have been fixed.
  • Several major regressions were introduced by these fixes. Most of the regressions have been fixed.

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    Thanks for this list and for this site!