2003-10-05 Builds

  • Fixed: 219705 - Java crashes on Linux.
  • 2003-10-04 and later builds are screwing up some users' bookmarks files. Back up your bookmarks before using this build.
  • Continued regression: 221217 - gtk2 builds don't work for some users
  • Continued regrssion: 221118 - Can't drag links into bookmark manager or bookmark sidebar
  • Continued regression: 221100 - "Block images from..." context menu item is sometimes missing.
  • Continued regression: 219150 - If you use a hosts file to block ads, sites with <script src="http://adHost/putAdHere.js"> don't load completely.
  • Continued regression: 219693 - percentage height doesn't "work" in overflow:hidden child of body.

Windows builds: No official windows build, aebrahim's official-nightly-like build

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, Yek's XFT/GTK2/DOMi/Venkman. O:AthlonXP + SSE

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