2003-09-13 Builds

  • Fixed: 213994 - hide incompatible themes
  • Fixed: 175340 - add support for IPv6 on Windows (actually fixed yesterday as part of DNS rewrite) (MozillaZine article)
  • New regression: 219150 - If you use a hosts file to block ads, sites with <script src="http://adHost/putAdHere.js"> don't load completely. (Introduced yestderday.)

Windows builds: Official Windows (Discussion), DamianMoran's early G6

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+gtk2+xft

5 Responses to “2003-09-13 Builds”

  1. Minh Nguyễn Says:

    Also, about:about made it into the tree.


  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I saw that, but it didn’t make it into 2003-09-13 builds, so I was waiting until I posted about 2003-09-14 builds.

  3. Mike Connor Says:

    bug 213994 fixed the regression in 215707 too

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Hmm, about:about still doesn’t work for me in 2003-09-14, so I’m going to leave it out of the post.

  5. LinkTiger Says:

    The checkin only tells Firebird that its a registered about: url. The reason it doesn’t work is that Firebird has to supply its own page. Even if Seamonkey has done that, its in the chrome, so Firebird doesn’t pick up the checkin.

    At least that’s how i understand it