2003-09-05 Builds

  • Continued regression: 215707 - OK button in Options doens't work if you select an incompatible theme.
  • Continued regression: 214465 - Firebird thinks default theme is incompatible.

Windows builds: Official Windows (Discussion), DamianMoran's late G6

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+gtk2+xft, Daihard's SSE+xft+gtk2

2 Responses to “2003-09-05 Builds”

  1. glebd Says:

    After updating to a recent build Firebird took over image file types without asking, and I can’t configure this from the Options dialog. Any hints other than restoring the default associations by hand? (Windows XP Pro) Any plans to make this configurable? Thanks.

  2. vfwlkr Says:

    @glebd, please see this bug. Add yourself to the cc list to know when this will be fixed.