2003-09-02 Builds

  • Fixed: 216470 - Double-clicking "close tab" button opens a new tab.
  • Fixed: 217954 - Crash going back to pages with saved passwords.
  • Still fixed: 216395 - If the value attribute of a form field is not blank, password manager should not fill in/overwrite that value. (This fix was masked by the crash that was also fixed today.)
  • Fixed: 217300 - "Get New Themes" doesn't look like a link
  • Fixed: 216482 - Selecting "By site" or "By date and site" in History sidebar crashes
  • Continued regression: OK button in Options doens't work if you select an incompatible theme.
  • Continued regression: 214465 - Firebird thinks default theme is incompatible.
  • New regression: 218135 - Going back to page with saved password does not fill password.

Today's Mozilla builds have new text in about:mozilla (213117). Firebird still has the old about:mozilla.

Windows builds: Official Windows (Discussion), DamianMoran's late G6

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+gtk2+xft, Daihard's SSE

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