2003-08-19 Builds

  • Fixed: 216593 - delete profile in profile manager displays an xml error
  • Fixed: 216608 - print preview displays xml error
  • Fixed: 216587 - password manager is completely broken
  • Fixed: 216590 - no basic auth login dialog, login denied (also happens for PAC auth?)
  • New regression: 216741 - OK button in fonts&colors does not work
  • New (?) regression: 216602 - In some themes, scrollbars and back/forward buttons are missing.
  • New (?) regression: Dropdown in add-favorites dialog doesn't work in non-default theme
  • Continued regression: 215446 - "shaking" with some themes (does not affect default theme)
Official builds: Windows (Discussion), Linux, Linux+gtk2+xft

One Response to “2003-08-19 Builds”

  1. Per Ångström Says:

    This Linux build works a lot better for me than the previous one, which I commented on yesterday. However, I’m having problems with TBE (latest version), which doesn’t work.