Tired of clicking hundreds of links to porn galleries without being able to tell which ones will be good? Thumbs takes the guesswork out of porn surfing by showing the first thumbnail from each linked gallery.

Click the Thumbs button while viewing a page that links to porn galleries, click the links to the galleries that look good, and enjoy.

Use Thumbs on thumbnail gallery posts such as this one:

Thumbs shows the first thumbnail from each linked gallery:


Install Thumbs 1.0.1, which works in Firefox 3.0 through Firefox 3.6.

Once you have Thumbs installed, you can use it in two ways:


Praise for Thumbs

Test sites

Thumbs should work with:

There is also a Thumbs regression test suite.


Is Thumbs open-source?

Thumbs is open-source except for the name and icons. The code is tri-licensed under the GPL, LGPL, and MPL. To see the source, unzip thumbs.xpi and then unzip chrome/thumbs.jar.

Is Thumbs secure?

I hope so, because I don't want malicious porn sites to take over my computer. If you find a critical security hole in Thumbs, I will give you $50. Mozilla Bug Bounty rules apply, except the ones that don't make sense for an extension.

What other Firefox extensions are there for porn surfing?

Pornzilla has a list of bookmarklets and extensions for porn surfing.

Who is the perv behind Thumbs?

I am Jesse Ruderman, a frequent contributor to Firefox. You can contact me at or AIM: JesseRud.

Several members of #bs helped me by testing pre-release versions and providing useful feedback. jX designed and created the icons and made them meet my ever-changing specifications.


Thumbs 1.0.1 (2009-11-10)

Thumbs 1.0 (2009-11-05)

Thumbs 0.7 (2008-11-30)

Thumbs 0.6.5 (2008-04-11)

Thumbs 0.6.4 (2006-11-28)

Thumbs 0.6.3 (2006-02-19)

Thumbs 0.6.2 (2006-01-15)

Thumbs 0.6.1 (2005-11-30)

Thumbs 0.6 (2005-08-03)

Thumbs 0.5 (2005-05-23)

Thumbs 0.4.3 (2005-01-29)

Thumbs 0.4.1 (2004-11-20)

Thumbs 0.4 (2004-11-18)

Thumbs 0.3.1 (2004-11-15)

Thumbs 0.3 (2004-11-14)

Thumbs 0.2 (2004-09-10)

Thumbs 0.1.1 (2004-09-06)

Thumbs 0.1 (2004-08-28)

Known bugs

Possible features for future versions