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Tip Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet allows you to send money to the owner of a website quickly and easily, as long as the owner of the website provides an e-mail address. This allows you to support a site that doesn't actively request money, and will hopefully encourage more content providers to make their content available for free over the Web (without a subscription fee or per-page micropayment).

In the future, you will be able to choose which money exchange service to use with the bookmarklet; for now, the bookmarklet only works with Yahoo! PayDirect. See this chart for an explanation of why I wasn't able to make it work with PayPal, Amazon, MoneyZap, and Ecount. (The chart also gives a short comparison of some of the features offered and fees charged by the various services.)

(To keep bookmarklets in order to use them on other web pages, drag them to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Or, install them all at once.)

Bookmarklet Description Works in
tip through paydirect Lets you send a tip to the owner of a website. Details IE Moz NS4 Op7

Browsers: IE is Internet Explorer for Windows, Moz is Netscape 7 or Mozilla, NS4 is Netscape 4, and Op7 is Opera.


tip through paydirect (IE, Moz, NS4, Op7)

Lets you send a tip to the owner of a website.

Lets you send a tip to the owner of any website, as long as the website includes an e-mail address.

This version of the tip bookmarklet lets you send the money through Yahoo! PayDirect. PayDirect currently doesn't charge any fees, but they don't seem to have an e-mail address so unfortunately it doesn't look like you can send a tip to PayDirect itself.

Note: I don't have Yahoo's permission to do this, but I'm also not making money through referrals.

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