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Comparison of tip services

These are some of the money exchange services that might eventually work with a tip bookmarklet.

To work with a bookmarklet, a service must support donation links by e-mail address and allow a recipient to open an account after money is sent. As far as I know, so far only Yahoo! PayDirect supports both of these features.

This table is very outdated.

Paypal (tipee has personal account) Paypal (tipee has premier account) Amazon Honor System Ecount Western Union MoneyZap Yahoo! PayDirect
Fees No fees Tipee pays 30¢ for up to $15 tip (not listed on site FAQ) Tipee pays 15% plus 15¢ $1 to put any amount of money in, free to tip, $1 to take money out. $1/mo for an inactive account; legal fees related to collection No fees
Minimum tip $1 $1 $1
"Donation" links containing e-mail address No Yes Random string instead of address No User ID instead of address Yes. Links also contain name of tipee, but name isn't checked.
Tipee can open account after tip is sent Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
"Remember Login" option Username only Username only Yes No No Username and one of two passwords
Countries US, 25 others US, 25 others US-based CC/debit and US-based checking account US US US-based CC or debit card

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