Venturing from Mount Annum

Our friends thought us mad.

We had thrived atop Mount Annum. It was the highest peak as far as the eye could see.

Once, we had sprained an ankle on the Foothills of Many Betas in the west. We remembered miserable visits to the Bog of Eternal Driver Approval in the east. Every time, we had quickly returned home.

But there we were, on the summit of Mount Annum, climbing into a cannon aimed at 4°N, 6°W.

So far away, and yet oddly specific. We lit the fuse and plugged our ears.

We flew over the stifling Bog of Eternal Driver Approval. We flew over the perilous Sea of Recklessness.

We landed, as we hoped, on the uncharted Isle of Rapidity. The landing was unexpectedly soft.

We’ve shaken off the dust and gunpowder. We’ve begun to tend our wounds. We’re excited about the upcoming climb.

3 Responses to “Venturing from Mount Annum”

  1. Michael Kaply Says:

    Losing users. Losing enterprises. Losing add-on developers.

    Executives and developers having to defend your process at every turn.

    I guess if that’s your definition of success.

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  3. Indistinguishable from Jesse Says:

    On the Isle of Rapidity…

    Not all of our neighbors followed us. Some asked — demanded? — that we send back supplies. We acknowledged their request, but our immediate task was to explore this Isle of Rapidity. What surprises would we discover? What surprises would discover us? T…