Simon Willison on phishing defense

If you want to stay safe from phishing and other forms of online fraud you need at least a basic understanding of a bewildering array of technologies—URLs, paths, domains, subdomains, ports, DNS, SSL as well as fundamental concepts like browsers, web sites and web servers. Misunderstand any of those concepts and you’ll be an easy target for even the most basic phishing attempts. It almost makes me uncomfortable encouraging regular people to use the web because I know they’ll be at massive risk to online fraud.

- Simon Willison

2 Responses to “Simon Willison on phishing defense”

  1. TNO Says:

    I guess you could say the same thing about credit cards….

  2. Hyperbole Says:

    Don’t get outside you might get mobbed!

    Don’t touch anything you might get germs!

    How does car, microwave owen, elevator, work ? or what toothpaste is made of?

    Do we need to know what every ingredient of toothpaste do to know it is safe?

    Or the composition of air? Gravity? goD?

    lets dumb down everything because morons are too lazy to learn anything. The best of it all is that laziness to learn new thing, to challenge your brain leads to Alzheimer and Parkinson. we’ll make a society vegetables. vegans will be happy!

    There was a time when people had a sense of personal responsibility. That time has long gone…