Buglist in input order

My newest Greasemonkey script, Buglist in input order, lets you sort a bug list according to an order external to Bugzilla.

For example, you can view the list of bugs related to topcrashes sorted by how common each crash is. First, load the list of Firefox 3.5.3 topcrashes. Second, use the "collect buglinks" bookmarklet to view a bug list consisting of the bug numbers listed there. Third, click the "#" added by this Greasemonkey script to sort the bugs by their order on the topcrash page.

Hopefully, this script will allow us to avoid duplicating information between Bugzilla and CrashKill wiki pages, and thus reduce the risk of information in both places becoming out of date.

2 Responses to “Buglist in input order”

  1. crowder Says:

    Gotta switch to JetPacks!

  2. Gerv Says:

    Another option would be to use the Bugzilla API to pull out the info you need and add it to the CrashKill website directly :-)