The more things change

1999: Linux needs a working Web browser.

2008: Linux needs a working Flash player.

One Response to “The more things change”

  1. Duv Says:

    In concerns to flash, Happens to be one of the reasons that I am supporting Mozilla’s OGG work. Reason being that, so far… to get the same type of web interaction on the internet would require on relaying on a company that may or may not have the Internet’s best interest at heart.

    Having used linux, you have no idea how much I cringe when I see a flash video… drop rates are nasty, skipped frames are frequent, sound doesn’t sync often. And Adobe seems to just not care. And it’s not something that is isolated to Linux, the plugin in a Window’s environment wields similar results.
    The sooner I can be rid of it, the better.

    I hear that Silverlight is “better”, but if what I seen of Moonlight is true… the “Emperor has no clothes”. And Silverlight isn’t going to be something that I through my weight into for Internet media, since I sense an agenda at Redmond.

    JavaFX is an interesting solution, with the possibility of being open-source completely at a latter date. BUT, it has two real problems…
    First off, for marketing sake, really should not be using the word Java. It comes with a lot a baggage that SUN would rather not be associated with, and does turn people off instantly. Which is shrinking the developers pool.
    Second, as interesting as it is, it’s a same that the project never really started in the open. Which again, is shrinking the developers pool. And they really need more people using it.

    OGG Vorbis has been rather impressive. OGG Theora, not so much… but from I have seen from the Thusnelda branch, I think that it’s going to surprise a lot of people with what Theora is capable of doing. Right now, the only thing that could be holding is back is the stigma Theora has currently, which given Thusnelda’s beta release and some good marketing, it can overcome.