An open letter to my email inbox

Your days of making me feel overwhelmed are numbered. "1713 messages, 221 unread" doesn't intimidate me any more. I am armed and I know enough to be dangerous.

  • Gigantic todo-list text file: Processed.
  • Desktop: Cleared.
  • Bookmarks toolbar: Reclaimed*.
  • Stacks of snail mail: Dealt with.

Inbox: You're next.

*Thanks to bug 477751 for forcing me to go through dozens of bookmarks one at a time instead of trying to sort them first.

5 Responses to “An open letter to my email inbox”

  1. Inbox Says:

    HOLD up bro—why you gotta be all Gettin’ Things Done on me? We tight, right? Just because I can’t read those emails myself don’ mean I’m ready for you to empty me out and leave me all alone. I know you got a bright future and all, you full of talents, but it’s gettin’ harder and harder to see where I come in. It’s like… it’s like I hardly even know you anymore, dogg. We used to be so tight.

  2. Ben Says:

    Don’t listen to that nutbox, Jesse. You can make this happen.

  3. Neil Rashbrook Says:

    Why not use the bookmarks manager to, well, manage your bookmarks?

  4. Gerv Says:

    You have a serious blogspam problem :-(

    Getting Things Done rocks. Go for it!


  5. Elijah Grey Says:

    That’s nothing compared to what Google Reader gives you if you don’t check all your feeds for a week. Then again, feed items are much less important than email normally and I only READ about 1 in 30 items.