Whistler, you’re on notice

You're on notice: Rock slides, conflicting sessions, bears, loud generators, cold, 8-hour bug rides, flaky wifi, and laundry trucks.

I made this using the On Notice Board Generator.

Despite all the problems, the summit in Whistler has been worth it:

  • I finally got to meet Mozilla security contributor Paul Nickerson. He had interesting ideas about how to find and prevent JavaScript privilege escalation bugs, which we discussed with Blake Kaplan.
  • Firebug developer John J. Barton and I figured out why Firebug showed user agent stylesheet rules on his machine but not mine. He fixed the bug on the spot. This should let me switch from the aging DOM Inspector to Firebug for reducing layout testcases, saving me time.
  • Rob Arnold took one of my extra Apple remotes and said he'd try to get it working with Firefox on Windows.
  • Dave Mandelin's session about Static Analysis was enlightening.

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