Help combat global warming

Mike Shaver and Johnny Stenback are doing their part. Are you?

6 Responses to “Help combat global warming”

  1. Arthur Says: would be a candidate for combating global warming. It sucks laptop batteries empty without remorse when not paying attention.

    And what about world peace? There’s not a single bug effecting world peace. :)

  2. Peter Lairo Says:

    I’ll pass. The faster we use up the Muslim’s oil, the sooner we will be spared of their religion of “submission” and violence. Let them rot, or evolve.

    There is also sufficient doubt that climate change (which is a NATURAL phenomenon) is sufficiently negatively influenced by man:

  3. crf Says:

    Yeah, stick to the man, Peter.
    And I bet you’re no hypocrite and do your part by buying up all the halal meat you can find (the better to not let muslims get any extra food and use it multiply), and consuming it maintain a weight of at least 400 pounds, the better that oil becomes more quickly depleted just moving you and your fat head around.

  4. VanillaMozilla Says:

    Good idea, Peter. I’m a little worried, though. How much do you think we’ll have to pay them to use up all their oil?

    They certainly would never use any of that money against us, so no worries there. But do you think they will still settle for dollars, or can we just sell them our prime real estate and businesses?

    And when we’ve used up all their oil, then what are we going to use? Well, I suppose we can always go to the Russians and Chinese. They have quite a bit, and I’m sure they will be happy to help us out.

  5. Peter Lairo Says:

    @ crf & VanillaMozilla:

    I urge you to inform yourselves about Islam (actual information! Not assertions!). Here are some good starting points:

    As to oil: Once it’s used-up, we’ll still have a bunch of money and the Muslims will have a bunch of money. Guess who will be innovative and free enough to create new wealth…? And if we’re smart, we won’t sell them our “prime real estate and businesses”. I don’t want to get into details here, but we must massively prioritize developing alternative energy sources in the mean time.

    PS. It’s too easy to insult and dismiss alternative views. But if you hopefully look beyond the prejudice, you might find some valid reasoning there. ;-)

    PPS. I have no intention of hijacking this thread. My original comment was related to global warming, and this one is a response to two misguided replies. I hope this will suffice. (hence the links for further study ELSEWHERE)

  6. crf Says:


    Why look beyond the prejudice, since it’s that which is offered in your replies and your links? It’s sauced up with a smattering of conspiracy theories, and, to mask its rotten meat, juiced with an appeal to clan solidarity (oooo, the scary muslims!).

    It is more insulting to troll blogs proselytizing “alternative” views that fail to honestly approach over 100 years of research into climate, and, in passing, the logic and science it has been built with to reach its current state of understanding. When someone does that, I think it is necessary to call them out for what they are. I’m sick of faux-liberterian passive-aggressive bullshitters running around the internet posting in every single thread that mentions global warming, even in passing.