Geneva’s “fi” ligature

There are good ligatures and bad ligatures, but the “fi” ligature in Geneva is especially bad. This screenshot of Charlie Savage's blog shows Firefox trunk (which supports ligatures) on top and Safari 3 (which does not support ligatures) on the bottom. That thing looks more like a tortured “h” than an “f” followed by an “i”, and it makes it look like the blog's title has only three letters.

6 Responses to “Geneva’s “fi” ligature”

  1. Stuart Parmenter Says:

    Too bad our font code can’t teach him the difference between its and it’s in his blog titles.

  2. David Jones Says:

    That is bad. But at that size no ligature is required. Is it really that Safari 3 doesn’t support ligatures, or is it that it had the good sense not to use them at that font size?

  3. monk.e.boy Says:

    >> difference between its and it’s in his blog titles

    haha, how embarrassing ;-) perhaps Firefox needs a spell checker and a grammar checker (with a talking paper clip?)

  4. Axel Hecht Says:

    Sounds like a good recommendation to Charlie to not use Geneva.

    I was only able to reproduce this on the mac, too. Typing in something like “fine font” gives the ligature, and not that it’s the sexiest appearance in the world, with more reasonable context, reading it isn’t too tricky.

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Stefanik Gábor has filed bug 404971, “Disable ligatures for sans-serif fonts to fix readability regressions”.

  6. eupator Says:

    It doesn’t really make sense to disable ligatures, since some (non-Latin) scripts require them to be displayed correctly. Complaining about buggy fonts to their makers and distributors seems to be something that Mozilla evangelism project could do, instead.

    It would also help if Firefox made it easier to find which font does it use. (With ‘Properties’ of a text selection, for an example.)