Tools of Satan

Last night, while I was trying to fall asleep, it occurred to me that religious days of rest might seem arbitrary to people living near the International Date Line. I got up and searched Google for "international date line" sabbath, thinking I might at least come across someone else who had also wondered about the same thing. What I didn't expect to find was multiple pages arguing that the International Date Line is a tool of Satan. I also found a lengthy rebuttal. Who knew that datekeeping could be so controversial?

Could this be turned into a game? Perhaps one player picks a seemingly uncontroversial object or concept, and another player must invent a story or argument that makes it out to be either the root of all evil or mankind's salvation. For example:

PODASIP: Spoons are corrupting and should be eradicated.

7 Responses to “Tools of Satan”

  1. Justin Dolske Says:


  2. 42 Says:

    There is no spoon.

  3. Robert Strong Says:

    The evil of spoons!!!

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    What do you use to eat meat? Knives and forks. Everyone knows that eating meat is inhumane and inefficient, so therefore knives and forks are evil. Therefore, spoons are good.

  5. eupator Says:

    It is widely known that barcode is a tool of the devil (Mark of the Beast, to be exact). Few years ago, I was taking a comparative look at utilization of various address spaces. Imagine my delight when I noticed that, at that time, there were exactly 666 (out of possible 1000) assigned GS1 prefixes of EAN-13 barcodes, (I haven’t checked, but I’d guess they have, sadly, assigned some more since then.)

    Even more amusing is the fact that George J. Laurer, designer of UPC barcodes, has 6 letters in his first, 6 letters in his middle, and 6 letters in his last name. :)

  6. Danny Dawson Says:

    Baby carrots are trying to turn me gay.

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