Slashdot party tonight

Slashdot was largely responsible for my initial involvement in the Mozilla project, so I'm looking forward to the Slashdot anniversary party in Palo Alto tonight. Are any other Mozilla people going?

4 Responses to “Slashdot party tonight”

  1. David Tenser Says:

    Sorry I didn’t make it! Went to Chicago Pizza instead and then back to the Mozilla office for some Wii and Street Fighter II. :) Did you have a good time there?

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Yep. I got to chat with several important people in the open-source world: Hemos (cofounder of Slashdot), Fyodor (creator of nmap), and one of the main MySQL developers.

    I also found out that a lot of startups are based in Palo Alto, including Facebook and Azureus. Azureus’s office is especially close to Blue Chalk, so a lot of Azureus people were at the party. I asked them “What do you guys think about piracy?” ;)

    Multiple people responded to “I look for security holes in Firefox” with “So you work with Window?”. I thought that was interesting.

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I also met “Paper”, a guy who contributed patches to ImageLib for a while. He said he stopped contributing in part due to patch review taking too long, and in part because the switch to Cairo would have required him to start over in terms of learning the relevant code.

    I invited him to visit the Mozilla office ;)

  4. David Tenser Says:

    Cool! We were actually nearby, but when leaving Chicago I forgot about it. I don’t recognize the names of anyone of the guys you mentioned, but would be fun anyway. :)