Valgrind coming to Mac

Apple employee Greg Parker has ported Valgrind to Mac, and plans to release his work soon after Leopard is released in October. He's been working on it for quite a while.

I'm excited about being able to use Valgrind on Mac. Valgrind's "Memcheck" is much better at catching dangling-pointer bugs and heap buffer-overflow bugs than simply watching for crashes (even with MallocScribble enabled). Running a fuzzer with Memcheck can reveal exploitable memory safety bugs that would not have triggered crashes otherwise.

Update 2008-09-29: Greg Parker has released his port as a patch.

Update 2009-02-06: Valgrind developer Nicholas Nethercote has imported Greg's patch into a branch of Valgrind's SVN repository.

Update 2009-06-02: Valgrind trunk now supports Mac.

One Response to “Valgrind coming to Mac”

  1. Robert O'Callahan Says:

    And I’ll be able to port Chronicle to Mac too!