3000 boogs

I filed my 3000th bug today. It looks like I've passed Gemal, but I'm still trailing Seth and timeless.

13 Responses to “3000 boogs”

  1. glob Says:

    ah, so you’ve filed 98 bugs that are still restricted.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Some of those are IT requests such as “Please give Jesse a MacBook Pro” (fixed), but a lot of them are security-related (including fixed bugs and metabugs).

  3. افكار Ùˆ احلام » Taking stock of bugs Says:

    […] Jesse today filed his 3000th Mozilla bug today. He’s been busy! […]

  4. Smokey Ardisson Says:

    Nice work, Jesse. Here’s to your next 3000 and to making us even more secure! :-)

  5. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Just out of curiosity, how many of them have been fixed?

  6. Around the Browsersphere #3 Says:

    […] Jesse Ruderman has filed 3,000 Firefox bugs. […]

  7. glob Says:

    > how many of them have been fixed

    of the 2906 public bugs, 1275 are flagged as fixed

  8. Neil Says:

    By my reckoning Seth has only filed six more bugs than you have, so not long before you’re in second place. Then again, I’m not really sure whether DUPLicate, INVAlid, WORKsforme or WONTfix bugs should count!

  9. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Using the query in my post, I get a count of 3301 public bugs filed by Seth over his three Bugzilla accounts. Where are you seeing that he’s only filed six more than me?

  10. Ted Mielczarek Says:

    I think that’s enough to get you into the Bugzilla hall of fame!

  11. Joe Grossberg Says:

    Mazel tov. Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and this is a big milestone — like 3000 hits in baseball.

  12. dolphinling Says:

    So by my count, there are 461 accounts that have filed 100+ (public) bugs, and 15 accounts that have filed over 1000. Those top 15 accounts have filed 27987 bugs total, and the top 461 have filed 143467.

    To be in the top 1000 filers, you need only 43 bugs, and the top 1000 filers have filed 177301, not even half of all bugs.

    67329 accounts have filed exactly one bug (!!), 12764 have filed two, and 4880 have filed 3. This is out of 96964 accounts total.

    (Note that some people file bugs on more than one account, e.g. sspitzer who has filed 2414 on one account, 878 on another, 11 on a third, and 3 on a fourth. This analysis only deals with accounts, not people.)

    I’d like to apologize to bugzilla for hurting it when I made this query. I didn’t realize there would be so many accounts. I’d also like to thank grep and perl for making this analysis possible.

  13. Seth Wagoner Says:

    Awesome effort. You *earned* that MacBook Pro.