Firefox to use Fibonacci version numbers

Following Winamp, Mozilla plans to adopt Fibonacci version numbers for Firefox and Thunderbird. The move is intended to help Firefox catch up with Internet Explorer, currently at version 6, and Opera, currently at version 9.

Firefox's previous version numbers, 1 and 1.5, as well as the versions currently being worked on, 2 and 3, fit into the new scheme perfectly. Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich promised to update the Mozilla Roadmap as soon as he finishes implementing JavaScript 1.7 and finalizing the version number for what was previously planned as JavaScript 2.

Firefox user interface designer Mike Beltzner said "Firefox is all about an intuitive and natural user interface, and the Fibonacci sequence is a perfect expression of nature's expression of order and beauty."

"It's got nothing at all to do with horning on on Dan Brown's success with the Da Vinci Code," added Beltzner.

Apple declined to comment as to whether Safari, currently at version 2, would follow. It did, however, threaten to sue a rumor site editor who wrote that Apple would use only powers of two as Safari version numbers.

Firefox 2, which adds spell-checking and scam protection, is slated for a September 2006 release. Firefox 3, which will add a new bookmark system and bring Acid 2 compliance, is planned for a mid-2007 release. Specific plans for Firefox 5 have not yet been announced.

13 Responses to “Firefox to use Fibonacci version numbers”

  1. jhermans Says:

    Damn, I’ve spilled my morning coffee !

  2. Le Weblog de Frederic Bezies » Blog Archive » Vers une numération à la Fibonacci de Firefox ?! Says:

    […] Alors que la version béta 2 de Firefox 2.0 a été décalée d’une semaine, et que l’on s’achemine vers une publication en septembre (le 26 ?) de Firefox 2.0 (je pencherais personnellement pour début octobre, mais seul l’avenir le dira), et que la version 3.0 (qui aura pour nom de code Gran Paradiso ?!) sortira d’ici la mi-2007 (estimation prévue, mais un septembre 2007 me semble plus réaliste), Jesse Ruderman sur son blog annonce qu’après Firefox 3.0 (courant 2007), ce n’est pas une version 4.0 qui est prévu, mais directement la version 5 ! […]

  3. Ian Says:

    Heh :)

  4. pd Says:

    is it august or april 1st?

  5. herman Says:

    Fibonacci is so slow..
    Why not go for instant gratification, use the Ackermann function?
    Insert Gecko version and revision and get an impressive Firefox version number. Maybe I should apply for a patent for this.


  6. TeRanEX Says:

    i’m afraid that this is the most stupid idea i have read this week…

  7. SantosJ Says:

    Laughing Out Loud.

    It was a good read and it wasn’t until I got to Apple part that I realized that it was a joke.

  8. Daniel Glazman Says:


  9. Dave Says:

    Hey, we could always try surds.

    Firefox Sqrt(7). Is that better than Firefox 3 pi / 2 ?
    On second thoughts, that’s irrational. ;)

  10. Something about Nothing Says:

    Firefox to use Fibonacci version numbers!!…

    Are you kidding me?? I really really hope this is a just a hoax even though Jesse is someone who is very active in Mozilla activity and most probably he is right on in this post.
    I personally feel that this is a really brain dead idea….

  11. tom Says:

    Hey, we could always try surds.

    Firefox Sqrt(7). Is that better than Firefox 3 pi / 2 ?
    On second thoughts, that’s irrational. ;)

    Didn’t laugh untill that coment, but are you sure that 1 then 1.5 then 2 then 3 is oart of fibinati sequence, or are you ignoring 1.5

  12. SantosJ Says:

    @tom well, you could represent 1.5 as 1 by rounding down, when you would normally round up.

  13. Shawn Wilsher Says:

    I find it funny that people are taking this seriously :)